Monday, November 5, 2012

Instagram Madness!

I love Instagram! Wait... that's kinda a understatement....

I love Instagram more than Coffee... ok, that went too far :)

I'm a project lifer and love to scrapbook, and I use instagram for lot's of photos and love to add them to my weekly spreads. I use quite a bit of different sites and apps to order my instagram prints. 

FYI, you don't have to be a scrapbooker to print your instagram prints.

Snapfish --> it's my number one site. I got there for mostly all of my prints. They have the best quality hands down. 

To order an instragram print --> make a collage with either 2 instagram prints on a 5X7 which gives you to 4X4 squares.
Or, add 4 instagram prints to a 4X6 and it gives you 4 2X2 prints. I just cut them out.

Persnickety --> They have so many different sizes of prints.
I have ordered, 6X12, 4X4, 2X2, 4X6, 8X10
Great quality and shipped right to your house.

Postal Pix -->
Great app, you can order them right from your phone, pay with paypal and they are shipped to your door. 

Printstagram -->

Mini Books of your prints.

Instagram Prints

Instagram Posters, love them.

and prints of various sizes. 

There is so much out there for printing instagram. Lot's of ideas and lot's of ways to display your square photos. 

Get inspired and print your favorite instagram photos and show them off. 

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