Sunday, March 3, 2013

ChildHood Mini Kit/ Project Life

I got the childhood mini kit about a week ago and finally tackled the pile of stuff I've been saving for Mack for the last three years. Preschool has a lot of artwork, so you have to pick in choose which ones you want to keep, otherwise you will end up with way too much.

It all started with this little box...

I went through the mini kit and decided on what I wanted to accomplish. I already do a yearly book of our whole family and couldn't decide on what I wanted to do with the kids....
Then the plan..

1. Each year of school I will do prompt cards from the kit, handwriting, favorite things, favorite hobbies, anything and everything that pertains to that year.
2. I will add awards, artwork, special projects, and special events. Their birthday, holidays, sports.. etc.
3. School pictures.
4. I want to keep it short and sweet and keep the school P-12 in around 3 binders. I think each kid can handle 3, rather than 18.

Here is my process. There are some things missing, but I wanted to give you the jist of what I got going..

The Journaling Cards, and prompt cards. So fun and your child can fill them out themselves. 

Title cards and larger 4X6 cards for bigger stories or your child can draw on them. Whatever, you want. I
want to make this Mackenna's book so I want her to do most of it herself. 

Title Page of the album. It's not complete and I can't decide what I want to include as of yet.

Mack's First year of preschool, first preschool photo. (left side)

Right side (Class photo, school picture)

Larger school photo on the back.

Her birthday cards from her 3rd birthday.. I want to include their birthday's with there childhood books

2nd year of Preschool

2nd year photo.

4th birthday cards

Current year. Since we are currently in this year of preschool, I put most of the prompt cards in this year,
since we can start from now. Mackenna will be filling out most of these herself. 

This years class photo

Prompt cards, and mack's current handwriting.

I want to include sports, so this year also was Mack's first year of soccer.

The stack of artwork I need to add in. 

So, there it is. The childhood album in the making. I'm so glad to finally be getting it together in one place. 
What are your ideas for your kids childhood albums....?

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