Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fav iPhone Apps, for Project Life

I can't believe for the first time ever, in the 3 years that I've been doing Project Life that I'm actually caught up and have manged to complete my week spreads on time. 

Feels Good..

Anyway, I have some top Apps that I must have for Project Life on my phone. Here is my Project Life Folder.

First up Momento: Love this app, I take lot's of photos with Instagram, I tweet and Facebook all kinds of things about our lives and days that I just can't keep track. I've tried a PL journal, BIG Fail, never remembered to write in it. Love this app, because it does it all for you. Check it out. 

Instacollage: This app is great for collaging your Instagram photos. 

Overgram: Easy to use app to add text to your Instagram photos.

TimerCamera: This app is the best for you iPhone, it allows you to get into the photos. It's a timer for your phone love it. 

Dblcam: This is newer to me, and I've played with it a couple of times. It takes a photo in front of you and automatically turns around and takes a photo of behind you. So, it really helps to capture what's going on in front of you and photo of the person that's recording and documenting the photo. It's cool check it out. 

There are tons of apps out there. But, these are the ones that I actually use on a weekly basis. They are all important to my PL process. 

What are your favorite apps you use for Project Life? Please Share!

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