Monday, March 11, 2013

The weekend Lens

This weekend I didn't take too many photos, It was a busy weekend of lots of running around and driving. As much as I like taking photos while driving and such, it's really not a good idea. So, not many photos.

It's cool.

I looked at wedding dresses on Saturday. We started at Davids Bridal. Here are my 3 main bitches of that place...

1. Very pushy and rude and they want to make a sale that day. I get it, they need money. But, dude, don't tell me I can only try on 3 dresses and I need to decide looking on the rack if I think it will be a score of a 10, if not it won't be one of the 3 I try on.. umm ok. Weird.
2. I had on so many accessories with the first dress I couldn't even focus on that actual dress. So I tore everything off. 
3. I didn't like anything, and I felt as if I was being pushed off after only 3 dresses being tried on and I felt like it was a big waste of time.

So, whatever... I went to Alfred Angelo's, much better experience. I tried on around 10 dresses. I liked a few, but nothing that jumped out to me. So the hunt is still on. 

Sunday: I went back to David's Bridal for a bridesmaid dress with two of my friends. I already had scoped it online, we just needed to try it on. It looked awesome, done, sold and the end on that one. 

It was an exhausting weekend, but fun. 

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